Wooden Rocking Horses

Stork Craft Rocking Horse

Exquisitely made hard wooden rocking horse will certainly end up being a beloved plaything and even a cherished treasure. This Stork Craft Rocking Horse includes a fabulous soft hair and tail, and lengthy runners to greatly reduce tipping.This wooden rocking horse can be assembled easily. It measures 27 inches in Length x 9.5 inches in Width x 29 inches in Height. MAin color may vary depending on your choice.

Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse

This precious wooden rocking horse is without a doubt a real ageless treasure for any toddler. Made out of sturdy solid wood, this old-fashioned remarkable Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse offers distinctive specifications which include:

Features include:
• Heirloom high quality
• Soft Wool mane and tail
• Anti-tip rockers
• Crafted from wood
• With dimension of 35″ x 11″ x 27.75″

Guidecraft Natural Pony Rocking Horse

Provide your young children a fabulous ageless present with this dazzling Guidecraft Natural Pony Rocking Horse. Guidecrafts wooden rockers recollect the particular concepts from a long time ago when grandpa crafted this rocking horse simply by hands inside his woodshop. This particular rocking pony can be bought completely finish equipped with a wool hair as well as tail, leather-based ears plus a good rope halter. This wooden rocking horse has a measurement of 19 inches in Height x 26.5 inches in Width x 12 inches in Length/Seat Height is 15 inches and weighs 19 pounds.

Antique Style Wooden “Arabian Dream” Decorative Rocking Horse 30″

This Antique Style Wooden “Arabian Dream” Decorative Rocking Horse 30″ is a hand crafted rocking horse created from wood which could completely transform the concept of your place in a spectacular way. The in depth hand designs and carvings are noticeably classy and exquisite which incorporates some sort of calm mysterious storyline.

The particular designed golden wings on the edge and a glowing red headpiece, the poised gold fabric which seems to be reaching out to its sensible horse fine detail hand wooden curvature mane as if it certainly wished to surpass on important tidings. The crimson are hand coated strongly together with gold and wood green forming a flexible piece that could function as an authentic accessory to your themed space.

Wooden rocking horses are hand made by competent Thai Artisans that men and women who are lovers of thespians or artwork is going to praise.

It measures 30 inches high x 28 inches wide x 10 inches long.