Spring Rocking Horse

Spring Rocking Horses are a substitute to the traditional wooden horses with rocking platforms. A spring horse is balanced by a weighed frame by four sturdy springs. The springs are covered for further protection and avoid damages and injuries.  This is the best option if you don’t have a huge space in your house because the rocking is only being done inside the frames.  The movement of this is more on bouncing rather that rocking. These are suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old. Below are some of the best choices provided for you!

Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse

This classic spring horse has a actual yarn mane and tail. Skillfully sculpted with immense attention to particulars to make this Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse more eye-catching and realistic. The well-built steel frame is extra broad, so as to avoid tipping. Springs are enclosed with thick, detachable cloth wraps to prevent handle pinching, and built in security spring straps permits for extra protection. This Spring rocking horse can Hold up to 50 pounds and it measures 51inches L x 28 inches W x 36 inches H. Easy to assemble.

"Lightning" Spring Horse

Lightning  Spring Horse


Here’s an undeniably cute and inviting spring horse with a much safer to ride form.

This “Lightning” Spring Horse packs 3-position stirrups. It talks and sings adorably to the tune of “I’m a little Pony!’ The motion activated galloping sound effects makes it fun and entertaining all the same. Kids and kids at heart would really find this toy a delight.

Tek Nek “Lucky” Plush Spring Horse

If your kids love musical toys then this Tek Nek “Lucky” Plush Spring Horse is what you should be considering as the next gift for them. This spring rocking horse can sing “I’m a little Pony  and can talk 4 phrases and also creates a real horse whining and neigh sounds.

Other features:
•    Motion activated galloping sound effects
•    Battery pack has on/off switch and “try me” mode
•    Designed for safety with durable spring covers, easy grip handles, and 3 position stirrups that grow with child
•    Detailed, colorful faux leather saddle

“Lucky” will become your childs favorite friend when his mouth moves when he talks and sings. Rock ‘N Ride Spring Horse is the first plush spring horse and features our patented moving mouth for singing and talking.