Rocking Pony

There are a lot of children that was born with the natural love for horses. It is not right for a child to ride on a real pony without proper trainings. Worry not because there are always available rocking pony toys which they can play with safety and of course beyond your watch that will satisfy their playing needs. It may also be a good training and a way to exercise that are very suitable for your children. Rocking pony are available in different colors and styles, just choose what you think is the ideal for them. Below are some of the good choices you may want to consider.

Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse

For those seeking the classic wooden rocking pony, this model is one of the best choices available. Made from a solid wood design, the Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse offers quality features as well such as a soft wool mane and tail, rockers that will help prevent tipping and heirloom quality. This is a rocking pony that is beautifully designed and destined to be passed down for generations! It measures 40 x 13 x 7 inches and has a shipping weight of twenty pounds.

Tek Nek "Rock N' Ride" Brown PonyTek Nek “Rock N’ Ride” Brown Pony

A cuddly brown pony for the perfect horse-riding experience

This adorable Tek Nek “Rock N’ Ride” Brown Pony actually talks and sings and even neighs and does some other familiar sounds The patented mouth it has is really cute. The soft plush body makes it ideal for children to ride and relax atop. Finally, its adjustable volume control makes it easy for your kids to either go rodeo or fall asleep on it.

Disney My Rocking Princess Musical Pony Rocker

If you are looking for a pretty gift for your little kid then purchasing this Disney My Rocking Princess Musical Pony Rocker is an amazing choice that will surely rock your child’s world! Your toddler will surely surprise with its adorable music everytime she press the pony’s ears. With its straight forward instruction manual, you can put them together with no trouble. The Disney Princesses such as Snow white, Belle, and Cinderella in the pony’s forehead will be an interesting stuff that will make your little girl feel like a horseback riding princess in a soft plush pony’s body.