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Wooden rocking horses are greatly well-liked amongst children, regardless of what their age group is. A wooden rocking horse is something that is a work of art in itself, and children are already cherishing it for a long time, even after getting newer flashier toys. Wooden rocking-horses have been there for many 100’s of years and continue to keep on moving forward throughout the years.No matter what countries children are from, they carry an interest for swaying horses. It is not clearly stipulated in historical past regarding what was the objective of the making of these wooden rocking horse. However, it is identified that they have been there for centuries, from the 15th century to be precise.

Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse

This interactive riding horse by Radio Flyer is one of the most popular andd quality rocking horses for sale. Built primarily for children ages two to six, the rocking horse not only has a great suspension and ride for young children, but also has sounds. The rocking horse will neigh and make a clip-clop sound as your child rides it (three “AA” sized batteries are required). The unit is beautifully sculpted and it is clear that a lot of careful attention has been paid to the details to make the horse realistic and beautiful. It is quite sturdy as well, built with a quality steel frame that is extra wide, in order to prevent it from tipping over.

Customer reviews of the Radio Flyer Spring Horse are very positive as well. Over 81 customers at have left it a high 4.5 star rating (out of five), making it one of the highest rated rocking horses for sale online.

The rocking horse weighs 34.3 pounds and can support about 60 pounds of weight.

Gundfun Mechanical Rocking Horse

This Gundfun Mechanical Rocking Horse is a heavy duty, adorable rocking horse showcasing motion and sound, brownish chocolate colored foam with furry black plush mane, red leatherette back band trimmed in white puff. push the ear to listen the sound of racing and whinnying, while the head do the actions of upward and downward and side ward motions as the tail sway backwards and forwards!

This amazing rocking horse is secured on a firm sturdy wood rocking platform and consists of easy to grab wooden handles. Its High class quality built and detailed accent formed it as a fabulous riding plaything that is destined to be a family heritage. The package includes 3 replaceable AA batteries. Holds up to maximum weight up to 198 Lbs.

Guidecraft Natural Pony Rocking Horse

Give your tiny little boys and girls a fantastic and awesome classic treat with this impressive Guidecraft Natural Pony Rocking Horse. This wooden rocker retains the one-of-a-kind models from the past when grandpa designed this particular precious rocking horse simply by hands inside of the woodshop. This stylish rocking pony is available for purchase in a complete package including an outfit with a made of wool mane and tail, holistic leather ears and also a superb rope halter. This wooden rocking pony measurements 19 inches in Height x 26.5 inches in Width x 12 inches in Length/Seat Height is 15 inches and weighs 19 pounds

Charm Company Plush Princess Rocking Horse with Sound

This Charm Company Plush Princess Rocking Horse has a function of creating a whinnying sound and racing sound once the ears are squeezed. This feature demands 2 “AA” batteries, not included in the package.

Rocking Horse Features:

•    Solid hardwood impure wood rocker platform.
•    Purely natural blemish wooden handles.
•    Extra tender plush body. Realistic horse sounds.
•    Quick clean up with soap and water.
•    Holds up to 80 lbs.
•    Suggested for children ages 2 and up.
•    Some assembly necessary.
•    Rocking Horse Dimensions: Overall Height: 24″ Seat Height to floor 16″ Rocker Width: 11″ Rocker Length: 29″

Rocking Horse

One of the best wooden rocking horse in the market. This Rocking Horse is a fantastic plaything for any young child. Superb first birthday present! Some assembly is required. Rubberwood is a firm wood from the maple family group of woods and has almost no possibility to deform or break. It is also the most environmentally “friendly” wood utilized nowadays.

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