Rocking Horse Toys

Rocking horses has traveled a long way. It was 17th century when the current form of rocking horses, appeared. Horses have always played a role in a child’s imagination, you would see it in children’s stories and fairy tales. Children would often wish to have a pony of their own.

Rocking horses nowadays are no longer just made of wooden panels, but boasts polished and quality veneers. They even have real or life-like mane and tails. Toy manufacturers have been coming up with different designs and styles that make rocking horses more interactive and entertaining. Aside from the innovative designs and features, manufacturers have also improved the safety features of these rockers.

Inflatable ‘Rody Horse’ Children’s Ride-On Rocking Horse: Color is Red

The products of the Gymnic Line are recognized for its durability and quality. They are known for producing fitness, exercise and sports equipment/ products. But they have also ventured into early development products like the inflatable Rody horse. This ride-on horse intends to develop the child’s balance and coordination.

The 4-pound Inflatable ‘Rody Horse’ Children’s Ride-On Rocking Horse: Color: Red is made of strong and soft latex-free vinyl. It is recommended for children ages 3 to 5. The seat is 12 inch high which makes it easy for children both mount and dismount. Aside from that, the red ride-on could be used for both indoor and outdoor play areas. A base could be attached to shift from bouncing action to rocking movements.

Plan Toy Palomino

The 17.7 inch high Plan Toy Palomino is a great toy for children 2 years and above. The rocking horse is made of 100% natural organic recycled rubber wood. A child could ride on it comfortably since it has broad back and a foam saddle. The rocker definitely combines comfort and durability. The child could easily grab and hold the handles and there are also foot-pegs to secure the rider.

The rocker also has minimal rocker arc so that the child could rock back and forth, gently. It provides stability and also ensures that the child would not be tipped over because of the rocking. Its design is contemporary and could easily be used in a playroom or a classroom.

Plan Toys Tori

Plan Toys manufacture toys using green methods and processes that are designed to reduce waste and help save energy. Most of its products and toys are made of recycled items. They have been recognized and received awards for

Plan Toys Tori is one of them, it is made of rubberwood and printed with soy ink. The toy measures 19.7 x 18.5 x 25.2 inches and could support a two year old child or older. It could also be folded for easy storage.

Tek Nek “Rock N’ Ride” Pink Pony

Three “AA” sized batteries would definitely make this pink pony the center of your child’s attention and delight. This Tek Nek “Rock N’ Ride” Pink Pony could talk, sing “I’m a Little Pony,” and create fun sound effects like galloping. The mouth even moves! You could turn off the sounds with the switch and adjust the sound’s volume.

The 10.6 x 25.6 x16.8 inch pony has soft and lush mane, great for hugging and cuddling. Not only would it keep children entertained, but it also designed to ensure your child’s safety. It has slip resistant foot step and handles which could easily be gripped by small and young hands.