Plush Rocking Horses

There are no limits in a child’s creativity, parents are encourage to reinforce their child’s creativity. Encouraging children to be more creative through interactive and nurturing plays would help in promoting the child’s social, mental and physical growth. There are a lot of studies stating that “pretend” playing, as one of the interactive plays, could definitely have an impact on your child’s skills and growth.Rocking horses are one of the interactive and entertainment toys available in the market. In fact, the history of rocking horses could be traced back to centuries ago. They could be the source of delight of different age groups and excellent gifts for children from barely one year old until six years of age.

Plush Pinto Rocking Horse with Sound

The 15 pound Plush Pinto Rocking Horse with Sound rocking horse does not only have charming details, but also makes galloping and whiney sounds, which can be thoroughly enjoyed by children. The sounds could be turned on and off with a switch. The rocker includes accessories which would definitely make your child feel a certified cowboy or cowgirl. It would include a bridle, vinyl saddle, and stirrups. To add to the cowboy feel, it also includes a brown blanket, bandanna and a bedroll.

The 28 x 15 x 25 inch horse is handcrafted and made to last for a long time. The seat height is 17 inches from the floor which makes it easy for children to mount. It is created from solid wood frame and durable plush material which can last for a very long time, making it an idealheirloom piece.

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

Made of materials which are very huggable and yet durable, the Melissa & Doug Plush rocking horse offers great value and experience for a child. The 13.2 x 34 x 22.8 inch frame of the horse could be used by children ages two and above. The 19.7 pound rocker is beautifully made and could send children’s imaginations into a frenzy.

This rocker could hold up 150 lbs of body weight which makes it useable even for those who are beyond three. It is made of durable solid wood and also has easy to hold wooden handles. It also recreates a galloping sound just by pressing the horse’s ear.

Tek Nek Rockin' Rider Talking Plush Black Pony Rocker Animated with SoundTek Nek Rockin’ Rider Talking Plush Black Pony Rocker Animated with Sound

A cute, cuddly, and adorable rockin’ rider black pony.

Black ponies are so overrated but not this one. This Tek Nek Rockin’ Rider Talking Plush Black Pony Rocker Animated with Sound is absolutely the best thing your daughter would love to have over the holidays. It’s amazing fluffy yet sturdy form really makes it extra special. Plus! It talks too. your daughter would just love this for sure.

Happy Trails Horse Plush Rocking Horse – Wooden Rocker

Your little one will surely have a great time with this 7 pound Happy Trails Horse Plush Rocking Horse – Wooden Rocker horse. This 28.5 x 11 x 26 inch rocker could support or carry about 80 pounds of weight or support a child who’s around eight years old. Made of solid and strong wood, yet soft and plush when touched. A combination of durability and comfort for your young one’s playroom. It has bridle, saddle and metal-stirrups. It could also make a life-like horse sounds.