Little Tikes Rocking Horses

Seeing your child or grandchild play actively and happily is such a great feeling. Aside from knowing that you child is enjoying himself, physical activity among toddlers could help ensure that the child would improve physical development, coordination, and his balance. Little Tikes is definitely bringing their slogan into the rocking horses that they have. They are indeed making children, “get up and grow.”Letting your child ride rocking horses would surely help in developing their movements. This kind of toy has been around for centuries and has continued to capture the interest of toddlers and young children. Rocking horses are also great gifts. Once the child has outgrown the rocking horse, it could still be kept and could be passed on to the succeeding generations.

Little Tikes Giddyup n’ Go Pony

This Little Tikes Giddyup n’ Go Pony is a great choice for a toddler’s first horseback ride experience. As the horse moves up and down, the wheeled legs actually move, allowing the kids to go for a real ride! However, the horse also comes with safety brakes, which are active whenever the seat is pushed down continuously. The horse also comes with realistic sounds. Pinch the left ear to hear galloping sounds; or push on the right ear for whinnying and exhaling sounds. The pony’s tail even sways side to side while it is being ridden. The rocking pony requires three “AA” batteries, and measures 32″L x 13″W x 32″H. It can hold up to 150 lbs and is ideal for children between three and eight years of age.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue

This Little Tikes Rocking horse Blue is considered as one of the Little Tike’s classic items. Its size is mall enough to provide support for a toddler. The seat of the rocking horse protects the child from sudden forward and backward movements. The handles are easy to hold and grip. Parents don’t have to worry about assembly, since the rocker comes fully assembled. All of these factors make tike rocking horses appealing on the eyes of everybody, especially among children.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse - PinkLittle Tikes Rocking Horse – Pink

A delightful toy for your horse-riding little angel.

If you want to surprise your little daughter for her birthday or simply give her something special, this Little Tikes Rocking Horse – Pink is the best option for you to try out. The lovely shade of pink on it makes it stand out easily. Plus, its wonderful horse-riding motion is perfect to imitate the real thing.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta

Little Tikes is one of the leading manufacturers of children’s toys. One of their classic items is the Little Tikes Rocking Horse Magenta rocking horse. The 33.5 x 11.5 x 16.5 horse can be enjoyed by children both inside and outside of their homes. The classic rocking horse has support for both the front and the back of the rocker to ensure your child’s safety. Small children could easily get on and off the rocker without any worries. The handles are easy to reach and grip by toddlers especially when they are happily rocking back and forth.