Large Rocking Horses

Rocking horses are among the top and most timeless toys. Children centuries ago have been playing with rocking horses. Years, designs, and innovations later, children are still enamored by the pleasure of riding and playing with them.

A small baby rocking horse is great for a child who is not more that two years of age. A three year old child could use large rocking horses which may appear almost the same as baby rocking horses, but different when it comes to actual measurements. It is important to look for rocking horses and other toys which are appropriate to your child’s age to ensure the safety of your child.

Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse

Although not specifically marketed for those seeking a large rocking horse model, this wooden rocking horse is actually quite large, over three feet tall. It is also a great choice for those seeking the classic wooden rocking horse design. Made from solid wood, the Natural Finish Kid’s Derby Rocking Horse boasts many quality features, including a soft wool mane and tail. It also comes with special anti-tip rockers for safety. This beautifully designed rocking horse is heirloom quality and destined to be passed down for generations! It measures 40 x 13 x 7 inches and has a shipping weight of twenty pounds.

Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse

The Radio Flyer Blaze Interactive Riding Horse is another good choice for those seeking a larger sized rocking horse. This 40 x 20.5 x 38 inch horse can easily support 60 pounds of weight, and is great for children up to about six years of age. The rocking horse also has interactive sounds that are activated by the movement when somebody rides on the horse, adding to your child’s enjoyment.

Radio Flyer has long been known as a producer of quality toys, and this rocking horse is no exception. One only needs to read one of the many enthusiastic reviews left by parents to see why this horse is a great choice!

Little Tikes Giddyup n’ Go Pony

Our third choice for those seeking a large rocking horse is the Little Tikes Giddyup n’ Go Pony. This horse measures 32″L x 13″W x 32″H and can hold up to 150 lbs. We love how this horse simulates a real horseback ride experience. As children move up and down on the horse, it will roll around in a four foot circle. The horse also has real life sounds to complement the experience: if you push down on the left ear you can hear the horse gallop, while pushing on the right ear creates life-like whinnying and exhaling sounds. The pony’s tail even sways from side to side as your child rides it. Handlebars and other safety features are included, making this larger rocking horse wonderful for lively play both inside and outside the house.