Baby Rocking Horses

Every little girl enjoyed playing with dolls and the accessories that comes with the doll. Dolls are one of the most popular toys for children. Playing with dolls does not only keep your child entertained and happy, but it could also help in stimulating development. To further encourage child’s development, there are several toys which go together with dolls, like baby rocking horses.

A baby rocking horse would be able to encourage more nurturing and interactive play. These are great additions to doll collections and definitely a great gift for any child. Surely, a rocking horse for their doll would earn a sweet smile from your child’s lips and quick peck on the parents’ cheek.

Baby Stella Rocking Horse by Manhattan Toy

This Baby Stella Rocking Horse by Manhattan Toy in bright and eye-catching colors, would definitely attract a child’s attention. Its fleece mane and tail would captivate both children and parents. As part of the Baby Stella Doll collection, this baby rocking horse would hold the Baby Stella doll snuggly with a fabric belt. It could even hold other dolls and stuffed toys. The 14 x 5.5 x11 inches, 13.6 ounce rocking horse could encourage and inspire interactive games and pretend play which could enhance your toddler’s motor skills and young children’s social and language skills.

Fisher Price Rocking Horse and Stroller

This Fisher Price Rocking Horse ans Stroller could be used both as a rocking horse and a stroller, much to the delight of little girls. To convert the rocking horse into a stroller, the rack under the horse’s legs could be removed to expose the pony’s wheels. Its 8 x 16 x18 frame could comfortably fit dolls and even stuffed toys from 12 to 14 inches. This rocking horse could be used with the Little Mommy Play All Day doll. It will activate the doll’s features, enabling it to talk while on the pony. This toy is great for three year old children and above.

Levels Of Discovery Rock-A-My-Baby Rocking Horse Pink/Cream

With soft pastel colors, classic designs and hand-painted details, this Levels of Discovery Rock A My Baby rocking horse and rocking chair combined would put a spark on a child’s imagination. Children playing with this little rocking horse can even put their dolls to sleep by pulling the heart on the rocker seat to hear “Rock a Bye Baby.” The cradle also has a pink corduroy pad, blending with the pink and cream color of the horse. The 37 x 15 x 26 inches and 23 pound rocking horse could fit a 12.5 inch doll in its seat. Each rocking horse manufactured are tested to ensure that all safety requirements are met.